Rapid Molecular Testing for COVID–19

Reliable results in 30 minutes

Providing isothermal PCR kits to support the world's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

ender diagnostics provides rapid and reliable PCR testing kits for COVID–19, capable of processing multiple samples at once and delivering results within just 30 minutes. These tests can be used in hospitals as well as right on-site. ender is here for you in your efforts against COVID-19.

Increasing the number of tests in health care institutions

Large-scale testing is essential in controlling the spread of the infection among the population. One of the most critical challenges in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is the lack of capacity and reagents to perform sufficient tests in reasonable time.

ender diagnostics has developed molecular rapid test kits (ender LAB and ender MASS) that work on standard laboratory equipment. This allows for much faster and more frequent testing, while utilizing the already established infrastructure. Overall this dramatically increases the testing capacity and accelerates the speed of diagnosing patients in hospitals and laboratories. Thus, supporting the efforts against COVID-19. Contact our team to learn more about our COVID-19 testing solutions, ender LAB and ender MASS for laboratories.

Testing COVID–19 on-site – the unique solution

ender diagnostics will offer a point-of-care solution that allows simultaneous testing of multiple samples. The test will be performed on a portable device, providing an ideal solution for early on-site detection of COVID-19. This will facilitate a wide range of new COVID-19 testing applications such as point-of-entry screening. Decentralized testing enables the control of the pandemic while protecting critical infrastructure. ender MOBILE is currently under development.

More information on the on-site test solution will be released in due course. 

The solution

The ender diagnostic test kits detect RNA sequences specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Direct detection of the viral RNA using molecular assays is the method of choice for the diagnosis of COVID-19. Sensitivity and specificity reach the highest industry standards and are comparable to already established PCR tests. Due to the novel isothermal amplification technology, the time-to-result takes only 30 minutes. ender LAB works in combination with the extraction methods commonly used in laboratory settings. In the case of ender MASS and MOBILE, no additional RNA extraction step is needed, the samples can be prepared directly after being collected.

ender LAB and MASS test kits run on standard real-time PCR cyclers or in the case of ender MOBILE on a portable device, provided by ender diagnostics. Standard devices in a laboratory setting can test up to 96 samples at once, whereas the portable isothermal PCR device will be able to run up to 8 or 16 samples simultaneously.

Speed, reliability and the option to conduct the test in decentralized locations, makes ender’s COVID–19 test kits the perfect solution for mass screening in laboratories and on-site testing – which are critical factors in reducing the workload for healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19. 



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Product roadmap

June 2020
Centralized PCR labs
Real-time PCR cycler
Extraction required

Sensitivity: 97.3%
Specificity: 100%
Summer 2020

Centralized PCR labs
Real-time PCR cycler
5 min sample prep
(no extraction kit needed)
Under development

Portable devices
5 min sample prep
(no extraction kit needed)

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ender's test kits

Our first product, ender LAB, aims at reducing the time required for a reliable diagnosis of COVID-19. After extraction, ender lab will provide you with results in just 30 minutes. This product addresses the need of health care institutions for rapid and reliable lab testing of COVID-19.

In order to evaluate the clinical performance of ender LAB 78 samples were compared to the WHO real-time PCR testing protocol. The results from testing upper respiratory specimen generated a sensitivity of 97.3% (36/37 – _CI 85.8%-99.9%) and a specificity of 100% (41/41 – _CI 91.4%-100%).

ender MASS significantly reduces the workload and time required to conduct a COVID-19 test in a laboratory. With a sample preparation time of 5 minutes (no RNA extraction required) and amplification time of 25 minutes, we can provide reliable results to diagnose acute COVID-19 in just 30 minutes. It can be run on any standard real-time PCR cycler and addresses the global need for reliable, fast and easy-to-use test kits in laboratories. ender MASS will be released in the summer of 2020.

ender MOBILE is designed for on-site testing of COVID-19. It runs on a portable device and it is currently under development.

Let us fight COVID-19 together!

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