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Our Mission

Up until now, obtaining reliable test results for COVID-19 took multiple days, putting thousands of lives in limbo and creating bottlenecks in labs. Thanks to our gold standard rapid PCR-based tests, people know within a short time if they are safe to travel, work, be with their families and participate in society.

Our Company

We are a Swiss company headquartered in Bern, specialized in developing molecular diagnostic test kits for the detection of infectious COVID-19 positive carriers. 

Our focus is developing rapid molecular diagnostic test kits for an accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. Our products, developed and made in Switzerland, allow for the mass testing of all individuals who can spread the virus and accelerate the pandemic.

The name “ender” comes from the Bernese Swiss German expression, Dr Ender isch dr Gschwinder, meaning that “the fastest one is first”. It encapsulates our company’s action of responding early to the COVID-19 health crisis and being fast in delivering reliable results.

We offer a cutting-edge solution for an effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic with on-site or laboratory diagnosis.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in biotechnology, with a strong focus on developing molecular biological rapid tests for infectious diseases.

Samuel Zürcher

CEO and Member of the Board of Directors

Heidi Horsch

CMO and President of the Board of Directors

Alexander Lüthi

CTO and Member of the Board of Directors

Peter Hostettler

Member of the Board of Directors

Michael Sauter

Member of the Board of Directors

Our History

The founders of ender diagnostics met during their work in the clinical science setup at the Institute for Infectious Diseases of the University of Bern. While conducting research and developing their projects, the founders faced a burning issue: the procedures in the field were taking too long to deliver reliable results. With a desire to improve laboratory work, they developed and patented a technology of isothermal polymerase chain reaction for the rapid detection of pathogens.

With this new technology in the research phase, they founded their first company, certus diagnostics, in 2017. With the isothermal PCR the new products achieved a reliable result in just 30 minutes. The focus of certus diagnostics lies on the laboratory setup, mainly the development of quality control in labs.

As this technology was promising for multiple business applications, it was transferred into the veterinary field. The second company, livet, was founded in July 2019. It specializes in molecular diagnostic test kits for the detection of infectious diseases in animals.

In winter 2020, the normal course of life was interrupted by the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. Immediately responding to the new circumstance, ender diagnostics was founded in April 2020. The company developed new test kits specifically designed for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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We have created a highly professional work environment where trust, community and good time are a must. We are always looking for dedicated and innovative team members to help us move forward and achieve our mission.