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for people and animals, with respect for our environment.

Our ecosystem thrives when the welfare of people, animals and the environment are in balance. To check this balance, ender diagnostics ag develops holistic screening solutions for the health of humans, animals and the environment. With our precise analyses, diagnostic solutions and complementary services, we contribute daily to health promotion and offer critical support in health emergencies. As a  Swiss SME, we do this with precision and efficiency. 

Knowing that the health and well-being of humans, animals and the environment are interlinked, our approach is holistic: we develop targeted minimally invasive solutions for everyone. ender diagnostics ag is crisis-tested and our services are scalable, adding value every step of the way. 

The ender story: from university spin-off to agile full-service provider


University research


Out of uni, into the lab


LiVET it up: lab to vet


Covid-19 pandemic airborne


Team of the year


Change of pace


CD redesign

Our approach:
«one health»

One health is an interdisciplinary approach that sees the health of humans, animals and the environment as closely interlinked. It recognizes that the health of these three areas is interdependet and that challenges, such as the spread of disease, can only be effectively addressed through a holistic view and cooperation between different disciplines.

The one health approach is particularly important because many of the current global health challenges – such as zoonotic diseases (zoonoses or diseases transmitted from animals to humans), antibiotic resitance and environmental changes – involve complex interactions between humans, animals and their shared ecosystems. the Covid-19 pandemic was a powerful example of how a pathogen originating in the animal kingdom can affect the entire human species within a very short space of time. With the help of an open, interdisciplinary mindset, namely the one health approach, we can achieve more sustainable and comprehensove solutions to concurrent health challenges. 

ender is committed to an integrated, unifying approach, as reflected in our motto: “ONE HEALTH – ONE COMPANY – ONE SOLUTION”

For us, one solution does not mean there is just one way of doing things, not at all: it means that taken as a whole, complementary and comprehensive solutions will lead the way forward.

The people moving
ender forward

Portrait von Samuel Zürcher
Samuel Zürcher
Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait von Heidi Horsch
Heidi Horsch
President of the Board of Directors
Portrait von Alexander Lüthi
Alexander Lüthi
Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait von Matthias Peterhans
Matthias Peterhans
Portrait von Hemma Fuchs
Hemma Fuchs
Portrait von Andreas Rickenbacher
Andreas Rickenbacher
Member of the Board of Directors
Portrait von Loredana Hugi
Loredana Hugi
Portrait von André Caradonna
André Caradonna
Portrait von Sally Maddah
Sally Maddah
Portrait von Sabrina Eggimann
Sabrina Eggimann
Portrait von Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker
Portrait von Chris Ironson
Chris Ironson
Portrait von Corinne Hämmerli
Corinne Hämmerli
Portrait von Sara Lenart
Sara Lenart
Portrait von Dominik Meise
Dominik Meise
Portrait von Björn Schröder
Björn Schröder
Portrait von Petra Horisberger
Petra Horisberger
Portrait von Jana Winkler
Jana Winkler
Portrait von Christoph Kunas
Christoph Kunas
Portrait von Markus Berndonner
Markus Berndonner
Portrait von Lea Weibel
Lea Weibel
Portrait von Mike Hemmann
Mike Hemmann
Portrait von Dona Lerena
Dona Lerena
Portrait von Rosmarie Kull Seidler
Rosmarie Kull Seidler
Portrait von Amelia Tavangar
Amelia Tavangar
Portrait von Mohamad El-Zein
Mohamad El-Zein
Iman Wolf

Empowering SME: a strategic initiative

The strategic initiative “Skalator” aims to support companies in scaling up their diagnostic or diagnostic-adjacent products. We put our extensive know-how in the areas of product development, production, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, commissioning of test centers, laboratory operations/logistics management and sales into practice. We are highly familiarized with the particular challenges  faced by small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. Our Skalator initiative is designed to build collaborative partnerships that provide both financial support and comprehensive end-to-end service solutions.

Ready to successfully scale with ender?

Latest news & use cases


emma goes BEA

emma visits Switzerland’s largest public exhibition to give the general public an insight into the exciting and innovative Swiss PCR diagnostics solution for mastitis. The


emma: utterly molecular about bacterial bovine mastitis

Resistance to antibiotics is a serious threat to public health. The fewer antibiotics uses in humans and animals – and the more precisely they are


Corporate redesign

Early on, ender was present on the market with different logos. Since an independent and recognizable corporate design is important for brand identity, consolidation was

Use case

Tour de Suisse mobile units (Covid-19)

Together with the Tour de Suisse organizers , we developed an optimal Covid-19 test protocol that meets the requirements of top athletes and simuntaneously represents

Use case

Critical infrastructures (Covid-19)

When the Swiss Parliament was in session during the Covid-19 pandemic With prescribed pharmacists, whilst trial might empirically make them more dry, it will get

Use case

Preventive tests for SWISS (Covid-19)

In this collaboration with SWISS , ender worked on an integrated concept for the implementation of preventive tests for SWISS personnel. From A to Z