Isothermal amplification PCR in 30 minutes

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ender LAB is an in-vitro diagnostic test kit based on a rapid molecular isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology.

ender LAB is reliably detecting the mutants from UK (20I/501Y.V1, B.1.1.7), South Africa (20H/501Y.V2, B.1.351) and Brazil (20J/501Y.V3, P.1).

It is intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid ORF-1a gene sequence from the SARS-CoV-2 Viral RNA in direct nasal, nasopharyngeal or throat swabs from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider.

The test is performed on standard real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) cyclers.

The ender LAB test kit is intended for use by medical professionals or trained operators who are proficient in using RT-PCR cyclers and performing standard molecular biological laboratory procedures.

ender LAB is the appropriate solution for the clinical application based on amplification of RNA extracts.

Rapid, Reliable and


30 minutes isothermal amplification time.


Performance at highest industry level.


Increase your throughput with the same infrastructure and staff.

Basic steps & Workflow

Standard RNA extraction
Time required for RNA extraction depending on the methodology and number of samples
30 minutes isothermal amplification time
Approx. 5 minutes melting curve analysis*
* 5 – 20 minutes depending on PCR cycler
Specimen collection
(not provided with the kit)​
RNA extraction
(not provided with the kit)​
Isothermal amplification
(reagents provided in kit)​
Data Analysis
(according to PCR cycler used)

Your benefits with ender LAB

Performance Data

Sensitivity 97.7%
Specificity 100%
PPV 100%
NPV 99.9%
(CI 99.0% - 100%) at an estimated prevalence of 5%
LOD of 0 c/µl
or 200 copies per reaction

ender LAB applied to your needs

The best solution for laboratories aiming for higher throughput at the highest level of sensitivity to cover testing demands for clinically critical applications.

Test patients when:

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