Isothermal amplification PCR in 30 minutes with no RNA extraction

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ender MASS is an in-vitro diagnostic test kit based on a rapid molecular isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology.

It is intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid ORF-1a gene sequence from the SARS-CoV-2 Viral RNA in direct nasal, nasopharyngeal or throat swabs and saliva from individuals suspected of COVID-19.

The test is performed on standard real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) cyclers.

The ender MASS test kit is intended for use by medical professionals or trained operators who are proficient in using RT-PCR cyclers and performing standard molecular biological laboratory procedures.

ender MASS is the optimal laboratory-based solution for mass testing in a public health setup, where there is a need for identifying all infectious individuals with a sufficiently high virus load to pose a threat to others.

The ender MASS test does not require a conventional RNA extraction, saving hours of laboratory time, reagents and decreasing the use of consumables.

Rapid, Reliable and


5 minutes sample preparation as no RNA extraction is needed & 30 minutes to result with isothermal amplification PCR.


Performance at highest industry level.


Increase throughput by a factor of 8 with the same infrastructure and staff.

Basic steps & Workflow

5 minute sample preparation only
no RNA extraction required
30 minutes for isothermal amplification PCR
5 minutes melting curve analysis
Specimen collection
(not provided with the kit)​
Thermolysis of sample
(reagents provided with the kit)​
Isothermal amplification
(reagents provided in kit)​
Data Analysis
(according to PCR cycler used)

Your benefits using ender MASS

Performance Data

Sensitivity 93%
Specificity 100%
PPV 100%
NPV 99.2%
(CI 97.7%-99.7%) at an estimated prevalence of 10%
LOD of 0 c/µl
or 480 copies per reaction

ender MASS applied to your needs

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400 reactions

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