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ender MOBILE is a point-of-care test solution designed for on-site simultaneous testing of multiple samples

The test is performed on a portable device, providing an ideal solution for early on-site detection of COVID-19. With ender MOBILE a wide range of new COVID-19 testing applications are facilitated, such as point-of-entry screening in a variety of settings. By decentralizing testing we can better manage the pandemic while protecting critical infrastructure.

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sample preparation
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Rapid, Reliable and



5 minutes sample preparation as no RNA extraction is needed & on the spot results in 30 minutes at POC.



Performance at highest industry level.



No logistics involved, no time delays, risk mitigation and simultaneous testing of up to 16 samples.

Point of care applications of ender MOBILE

ender MOBILE provides an on-site testing solution in operational set-ups, for a limited number of individuals (16 tests/ run/ device).

Nursing homes
Physician offices
School medical offices
Long-term care facilities and nursing homes
Temporary locations

(e.g. Sports events, Cultural events)


The advantage of
ender MOBILE​

Most of the available on-site testing systems are based on a combination of microfluidics and real-time PCR detection. Therefore, a limited number of patients can be tested, as one device can process one sample per run. Moreover, commercially available microfluidics and RT-PCR-based point-of-care (POC) testing solutions are high priced (equipment and consumables) and limited to a low testing capacity.

The ender MOBILE solution allows for simultaneous testing of up to 16 samples, thus providing the ideal solution for on-site testing.

More information will be released in due course. 

Designed for on-site testing​

If you are interested in ender MOBILE and want to secure your volume for market entry please register in the reservation form.

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If you are interested in ender MOBILE and want to secure your volume for market entry please register in the reservation form.

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