Make confident treatment decisions based on our reliable COVID-19 rapid tests
For better patient outcomes and a safe community.

You should not have to wait multiple days for reliable results

With current testing procedures, getting reliable results takes too long and wastes critical time. This keeps you from making informed treatment decisions and from taking adequate measures to keep the patient and your community safe.

Get reliable results much faster

Our rapid PCR tests are reliable and fast, which gives you what you need to make quick and safe decisions.

Our products fit your needs

The ender test kits are intended for use by medical professionals or trained operators who are proficient in using RT-PCR cyclers and performing standard molecular biological laboratory procedures.

ender EASY is the optimal laboratory-based solution for mass testing using saliva sample collection from individuals in a public health setup.

ender MASS is the laboratory-based solution for screening in a public health set-up and for private businesses, where there is a need for identifying all infectious individuals with a sufficiently high virus load to pose a threat to others.

ender LAB is the appropriate solution for a clinical set-up where all the infected individuals must be identified.

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