ender diagnostics provides rapid and reliable PCR tests for COVID-19 for results within 30 minutes
Double your throughput, reduce your workload and free up resources for critical samples.

Your lab’s resources shouldn’t be strained by COVID-19 mass testing

At ender diagnostics, we understand that you have to process critical samples for high-risk cases but COVID-19 mass testing consumes valuable time, machine capacity and reagents.

Get reliable results much faster

Our test kits run on standard real-time PCR cyclers, providing the result within 30 minutes after sample preparation.

Our products fit your needs

ender LAB and ender MASS test kits are intended for use by medical professionals or trained operators who are proficient in using RT-PCR cyclers and performing standard molecular biological laboratory procedures.

ender MASS is the laboratory-based solution for mass testing in a public health setup, where there is a need for identifying all infectious individuals with a sufficiently high virus load to pose a threat to others.

ender LAB is the appropriate solution for a clinical setup where all infected individuals must be identified.

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